Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something Wicked...

Heya Everyone -

Like just about every other place around the country, if not the world, we are having some super freaky weather this year.

Today was no exception....

We had been having sprinkles off and on all day as well as a slight overcast. Actually it wasn't that bad of a day to be working on the house - just muggy out.

All of a sudden, at mid-afternoon, the wind died out and it was dead calm. Eerily calm...

Do you remember the movie 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'? It reminded me of it.

It was also getting darker.

I had reason to go into the back yard and that's when I saw the storm front.

Following are a few pictures. The first one was taken in the backyard facing north west. The rest are in the front yard.

Unfortunately the pictures do not show the rotation in the clouds or the greenish tinge. In fact there were two rotations going on; one in the northeast corner and one in the south west corner.

Fortunately nothing came of the rotations and all that ended up happening was rain.

It was all over in less than 30 minutes.

Till next time...

Larry ~


dynochick (Jan) said...

The weather has been terribly hot this summer. Once we warmed up it has stayed in the 80's and above non stop. They are forecasting 2 days in the 70's next week. I doubt it will happen.

I just cannot get anything accomplished when it is 90 with 90% humidity.

Your house stripping is coming along nicely.

Karen in Wichita said...

Wichita was full of little cartoon rainstorms. You know, the kind where a tiny personal storm follows one person around and rains only on them? Yeah, that's what it was like.

Left Mom's place in Andover, drove for a couple of miles in almost-blinding downpour, and while I sat at a stoplight the edge of the storm passed over us. From there out it was sunny and bone dry. Couple hours later, someone way out west of town sent me a message asking if I'd pumped out the duck pool water onto the gardens (a guaranteed cause of torrential rain) because she was getting hammered. We saw nothing at the house. Crazy weather.

So tomorrow I'm pumping out the duck pool water, so expect more rain. Possibly localized, though.

Larry said...

Thanks Jan.

I'll trade you weather! We are to be in the very high 90s with the heat index in the triple digit.

Larry said...

Good luck with the duck pond Karen!

Sandy said...

Wow! Looks a whole lot like some of the stuff we've been having here! I'm glad it passed over!!