Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Scraping

Hello again everyone -

We were able to spend a big junk of Saturday scraping and had hoped to do the same on Sunday - things did not turn out that way though. Sunday was a 'down' day and Monday & Tuesday were filled with appointments in the big city.

I can't believe just how little I get to the big city anymore. It has changed so much but it also reminded me as to 'why' I don't like going so often!

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll get a good chunk of time to scrape.

While SWMBO worked on the lower levels of the paint that couldn't be gotten with the Paint Shaver I worked on the upper areas. She used the infrared doohickey and I used the heat gun.

For your viewing pleasure here are some pictures.

This is the corner area I worked on. It's the top, far north eastern section of the dining room bay window.

I've been dreading this section since we bought this place. It is a very tight section and awkward for ladder placement. II couldn't open the ladder up, all I could do was lean it against the top of the window.

Look at all those cobwebs!!

Here's a nice close-up for ya'.

It was hard for me to get the heat gun, scraper, and my small hands in there. On top of this, in order to get a good look at what I was doing I had to cock my head to the side while doing it.

There's more of the light blue color!!

The layer is so thin it's hard to get a patch of it intact. This spot has so fare been the best I've gotten. BTW - it's no bigger than a dime!

Okay - take a look at this!

It was hard to do, but I got a layer of the white paint off to see the original layer. It appears to be a straw color and I like it.

Now, to be realistic, if this is the original color, it might not be the original shade. With the paint having been placed on top of ceder clapboards, and having sat there for 100+ years, the shade could have been effected.

However, we are leaning towards a pale straw color for the new paint.

For grins-n-giggles I got a shot of the bottom edge as well.

Now for the disappointing part...

It took me more than three hours to get to this point.

The picture only shows about 70% of what i got done, but it will give you an idea.

The hardest part, other than that blasted corner, was the molding on top of the window.

The rest of what got scraped off were the sections of the clapboard that was next to the window jambs that couldn't be removed with the Paint Shaver. Along with these spots were the edges of the jambs the the clapboard butt-up against.

Just thought I'd throw this one in for fun. It's not often people view a porch ceiling from this vantage point.

To the right is the top of the main window in the bay. I did get a start on it that day and hope to pick up here tomorrow.

Well, that's about it for now.

Till next time...

Larry ~

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Jessie said...

Wow. I can't believe how much work this is to scrape a house. Now I know why "they" just kept painting over the old paint. Its going to look great when you're done, whatever color you choose!