Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Day...Little Progress

Well gang - this could very well be my last post. Once SWMBO finds out I posted these pictures she will either break my fingers or end my life.

Yesterday was not as fruitful as we had hoped. It was extremely windy and with it whipping around the porch it was that much harder. On top of this our primer did not arrive - more on this latter.

On the bright side I did get a chance to use one of the new toys I got from the Fat-Man in Red last Christmas!

This is it - a DeWalt D26453K 5" VS Random Orbit Sander.

I've wanted one for a long time but just couldn't seem to talk myself into getting one. Since I killed my little palm finish sander, and with this project looming, it was decided the time had finally come to get one.

This puppy did a great job sanding the clapboard that had been scrapped and it was fast. I think the Fat-Man in Red did good leaving me this toy.

Now for the pics that might cost me my life.

I took these pics for a couple of reasons....

#1 They show that SWMBO does help on these projects;

#2 They show just how bad the wind is!!

There she is in all her glory! You might note that she is using the new heat gun which worked nicely (the wind caused problems though).

Okay - SWMBO's hair is not flat nor is it beauty pageant big. However, in this pic you can see that not only has the wind flattened her hair it has parted it!!!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

The love of my life!

This is the main picture that has signed my death warrant. She gritched at me for taking it because of what the wind was doing to her hair (note the 'blown back' look) and that she didn't have make-up on. I keep telling her she doesn't need it anyway - she looks great without it.

C'est l'amour c'est la restauration!

Hopefully today MIGHT be a bit better. The morning has started with a thunder storm but it looks like it might be moving off. The main thing I'm hoping for is the arrival of the 'Nuclear Warhead' that's on it's way.

Well, I'd better get busy, lots to do today.

Till next time...



VolleyFireWargames said...

Larry Larry never take a picture of a woman when she's not ready - gee thats gonna costa a night out and two dozen roses at least - LOL

rustbeltrebel said...

I hope your still breathing and that the wife did not take you out. However, tell the wife she looks smashing and she is setting the perfect example of being diverse. Yes, we can scape paint off of houses and garages and yet we can put on the little black dress for a night on the town. We are very diverse, indeed we are.


Larry said...


And just a couple nights before we were at the opera!!