Thursday, September 10, 2009

A quick update

Okay, here is a quick update.

I had hoped to be further along this week than I am but I got hit, bad, by allergies this past weekend and nothing seems to help. So, I'm dragging my butt around in zombie mode yet, some stuff did get done!

The foyer closet and powder room are fully primed and ready for painting. YEAH!!

Here's a look at the main wall in the powder room.

There is a flaw on this wall that sticks out like a sore thumb in person. I'm surprised the digital camera didn't pick it up! I might have to go back and fix it - we'll see how it looks after we paint.

The back corner - nothing special.

Do you remember the light fixture we're planning to use in the powder room? If not, go here and here.

Anyway, I've started the restoration of the this light.

DANG!! Another blurry picture!!

You get the idea though; it's been dismantled and cleaned.

The finish is flaking off of the rim so I'm going to try and fix it.

Here you can see where the golden bronze area is in a rough way on the circular part part as well.

Hopefully this thing will turn out like we want it to.

Sadly, some of the faux tortoise shell on the main part has been chipped off as well. This is going to be a bugger to fix. I'll tackle it tomorrow.

Sorry, but I didn't get a picture of the inside of the foyer closet, however, I got a couple of weird ones for you!

For some reason, the previous owner stuck several name tabs on the inside part of the closet door. It was as if, while taking off his coat/jacket, he would just slap it up hear like a trophy. There were dozens of them!

Over the years we have picked a few off, but haven't gotten them all.

Today, I decided to get the rest.

It turned out to be a royal mess and not all of 'em came off.

Tomorrow I will try something else...a blow torch comes to mind.

I will leave you with this final picture.

It is another project I've started.

You'll just have to wait and see what it will be used for.

Well, that's enough for tonight. I think I'll go take some allergy drugs and go to bed.

Till next time...

Cheers ~


Jayne said...

About those stuck-on labels...if you heat 'em up with a lighter (put it really close to the sticker, but not close enough so it catches fire, obviously) the lables will pop right off, usually in one piece, with just a little tug. A lil trick I learned in my dark days of working retail.

Larry said...

Thanks Jayne - I'll give it a try, but i still like the idea of a blow torch!

Shane and Casey said...

I use a "Paint and Decal Remover" from Napa to remove that kind of stuff. It'll take the paint right off of a car! :)

Larry said...

But will it remove the stain that's on the door?

Shane and Casey said...

If you left it on long enough, I'm sure it would. I wouldn't try this method unless the heat based ones fail. I've never used it on wood before, usually metal and plastic (stickers on putty knifes, etc).

Larry said...

It wouldn't hurt to try it.

Kate H. said...

You can try Goo-Gone. They sell it at WalMart and at craft stores. Might be safer than open flame!

Larry said...

LOL I tried Goo-Gone first!!