Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Woodshop Update

Hello again everyone!

Well, the storms are over...for now. We are to get hit again tonight though.

It has been storming off-n-on here now for about a week. Not just rain, but thunder boomers, straight-line winds, hail and the occasional tornado.

During this time I have been working away on the little red shed taking one step forward and two steps back. Yesterday, SWMBO and I spent most of the day working on the shed. She finished the insulation (the pink stuff for the top caps) and started prep work for the next window to be done.

I finished building the top caps and finished out the first of three windows. The finish trim and hinges are all that's left on it.

The weather was bad during most of the day so I didn't start on the second window.

Here's your first view of the completed southwest corner!

You can barely see it, on the left side of the pic, but the first piece of shop equipment got moved in last Friday! My dad and I moved the table saw in on Friday afternoon.

Do you see the white thing sticking up in the middle of the pic? That is a wall cabinet that will be hung on the south side of the corner.

The west wall.

This will be the primary storage area for lumber and cut-off stock. On the right side of the pic is another cabinet that will be hung on the wall - just not sure if it will be the north, or west wall yet.

For those of you who might ask - the black painted board with the silver tubes on it is part of a Halloween prop. It goes with an organ we use on the front porch. This, as well as several other items still in the shed, will be stored in the garage, or new storage shed, soon. We wanted to start moving this stuff to the garage this past week-end, but all the rain put a stop to it.

Southeast view of the interior.

I'm still storing some items here, but they will be gone by the end of the week (I have a time-line I'm dealing with and I need to be somewhat finished by next week-end).

Do you see how dark it is through the doorway? It is about 3:30 PM and the storm was kicking into high gear.

This is the northeast corner.

The fan is sitting where the second window will go. On the east wall you can see where the third, and largest, window will go. If the rain will let up those two windows will go in tomorrow.

North wall and more junk to be moved.

The wood burner is about in the spot it will end up in just not as close to the wall. Cement board and flagstone will also be installed to help keep the stove from burning the place down!

Do you see the two white trunks in front of the wood burner? Those are vintage tool chests SWMBO got me from our friend Bill. The top one even came with some cool antique tools!

These are going to be refinished and put in the attic.

This is the first of three windows to go in.

It is part of one of the windows from the first house we owned. It will be nice having these in the shed.

We were a little nervous about this window. The storm hit, hard, shortly after we put it in and we were afraid it would be blown out. Luckily it held - that's a good sign.

Okay, this is one of the cabinets that came out of the house in the 50's.

We're not sure if it is part of the original cabinets or part of the 20's remodel.

Do you see the dark area at the top? That's where the top part of the original sink was attached.

The master plan was to refinish this cabinet and reinstall it in the house but it won't fit unless we take out the fridge. So we figured we would install it in the woodshop and use it as a template for the new kitchen cabinets.

However, this cabinet is so big it doesn't fit well in here either!! So, now we ar thinking about moving it to the garage. We'll see what happens with it.

Here's a close up of the cabinet side panel. We like it and hate the thought that it may end up in storage somewhere.

Well, the sun has decided to show it's self so I guess I better go out and assess the damage from the storm and get busy.

Till next time...

Larry ~


Sandy said...

My eyes picked out the item in the room that looked like a pipe organ right away and I was so fascinated with the fact that I thought you had a pipe organ that I didn't look at the pictures I just kept reading... after I had my curiosity fixed I looked at the pictures. Lots of work -- boy was it ever dark at 3:30!!! Hope the storm didn't do any damage. TTFN!

Larry said...

We are lucky there wasn't more damage. We had lots of limbs down and the plants were beaten to death.

The town to the north of us got hit hard.

Bad news is is that we are to get hit again tonight!