Friday, August 17, 2007

Introducing - PERCY!!

Hello again everyone,

Well, the wife will probably kill me for posting this, but several people have asked.

We think that our house might be haunted. Long, long story, but needless to say weird things have happened around here. Perhaps somday I will document these 'happenings' here.

Anyway, last November we had a professional group of paranormal investigators contact us about our house. Through several e-mails we decided to let them have a look. It was the COOLEST think I have seen in years!!! It was just like a CSI episode. Lots of equipment and gear and techi type stuff.

The group that came is called 'The Southeast Kansas Paranormal Investigators' (SKPI for short). Here is their web site:

If you go to the 'Case Files' page you will see us listed as case file #006. You can read their report.

Attached you will see a couple of photos. The one that looks 'fuzzy' is a still taken from a video they got of 'something' going down the stair-well of th attic. We have named this 'something' Percy.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Here is a photo of our house taken in 1930. In one of the windows you can see what appears to be a very tall (over 7') person standing in the window.

I won't tell you which one. However, the window is in one of the rooms a person died in.

And here he is ~ Percy!!!


Aurelia said...

I'm kind of a paranormal geek, so of course, I love this part of your remodel saga. Say hi to Percy for me!

Jason & Heather said...

Very cool. I wish we had something like that at our house but aside from some footsteps a few different times 8 months ago.... nothing!

Bluebear Jeff said...

My advice is to make sure that one of your tabletop generals is always named Percy . . . maybe he'll get some help with the dice.

-- Jeff

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