Thursday, June 7, 2007

About the Inside

As promised, here is a description of the inside.


Really, it was, no kidding. When I find the pics I will get them scanned in and posted.

The inside of the house was just as trashed as the outside. What ever no one wanted they left behind for us to clean up. Most of it was trash, but we did find a few "treasures". I will work on getting some photos of the main things we found and post them.

One of the main caches we found were the closets. They were filled with vintage clothing! We found everything from turn of the century tuxedos and evening gowns to furs and funky clothes from the 60s and 70s. The best part was that most of the women's coats & jackets had jewelry (such as broaches and pins) attached! What a find! We could not believe that the auctioneers forgot (or perhaps over looked) all the stuff in the closets. We also found drawers filled with linens, old photos and post cards. And, according to the law, it was all ours!!! Now keep this in mind.

The law also stated that we could not take physical possession of the house until all the paperwork had been process and that was going to take about two weeks. That meant that technically we were not allowed in the house. Fortunately for us, the auction house, and the bank, turned a 'blind eye' and we were able to start cleaning on the inside. All that was asked was that we not make it too obvious.

If memory serves me, we removed about 15 trash cans worth of junk from the inside. I'm talking about the large trash cans you set out by the curb on trash day! This did not include the stuff we had not sorted through or all the dirt and dust in the attic and basement.

While we are dwelling on trash..... We hauled 5 large truck loads of junk from the yard to the dumb and that was just the first year! We are still hauling things off to this day.

Back to the house.

We removed all carpets that were in the house and tossed all the ones that could not be salvaged (like the Merlot purple carpet that was in the dining room). We were able to salvage some nice, large, antique braided rugs though.

But for the most part, the house was not structurally trashed. We would be able to move in fairly quickly.

Now, remember all the stuff that we found in the closets and drawers? Well, the night before we closed, someone ransacked the house and stole everything inside they could find! We know who did it. It was a friend of the previous owner who helped them out and had power of attorney over their affairs. The woman still had a key to the house and just helped herself. They only problem is that we can't prove it and her husband is an attorney. It would also force us, and the auction house, to admit that we had unauthorised access to the house.

However, they didn't find all the treasures! Those are the items I will get pictures of and post.

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Jason & Heather said...

You've got a wonderful looking house! I'm looking forward to seeing more.