Tuesday, November 2, 2010

House Paint Teaser

Thought I'd toss out a teaser.

Here's your first look at the actual paints decided on for the house.

Have fun figuring out where each of those colors will be used!!

BTW - two of the colors don't look the way they should. The white colored one (center paddle) is actually a cream color; the gray looking one (3rd paddle from the right) is actually a light tanish green - they both look better on the house!

Till next time...



dynochick (Jan) said...

Have you started painting???

I've just realized that Michigan has terrible house painting weather. It's too wet in the spring. It's too hot in the summer. And the perfect fall weather is too short.

It's already too cold here to paint. It went down to 21 degrees the other night!

Can't wait to see the house painted.

Kate H. said...

The blue on the left on the porch ceilings?

Larry said...

Jan - we are lucky so far, we've been having days in the 60s. Thursday night / Friday morning we are to have our first freeze so we won't be picking up the brushes again until Friday.

Kate - you guessed the blue right!!