Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm B A C K !!!!

Hey everyone!!! Guess what.... I'm B A C K!!!!!!!

Bet all y'all thought I was gone didn't ya?!

Well, with spring now here I've decided to come out of hibernation and get the new season of repairs and boo-boos started.

During my absence I haven't been completely idle but what has been done hasn't really been anything to blog about. For the most part we've been sorting through boxes of just plain ol' junk. Sorting out things to go to charity, things to give people, things to sale and things to toss. It never ceases to amaze me just how much junk we accumulate.

The other night I had a dream that SWMBO and I had to move back to the little house we use to own. Keep in mind this house is 4 times bigger than the little house, perhaps more. Anyway, when I told this to SWMBO the first thing we both thought about was "good gravy - where would we put all of our stuff!!!!".

You know, that's sad. it makes one think. Has our society really become so jaded and such a 'must have', as well as, a throw away society?

Having the vast majority of our kitchen things packed up and stored was a major eye opener as to what we need and don't need. So now we have decided to start scaling back.

That being said lets go to the first pic!!! WOOWHOO!!!

I know, the pic is a bit dark but the sun was starting to set when I decided to get some pics - sorry.

Hopefully you can tell it's a dumpster. It's an ugly beast ain't it?!?! The best part - it's ours for the summer!!! Okay, show of hands...how many of you just had that song 'Are you ready for the Summer' from the movie 'Meatballs' go through your head?

Anyway, I've just started to scratch the surface of the piles of crap and the thing is almost full!!

Unfortunately the main thing that's taking up the room in it is carpet. Yup - carpet. I had to remove the carpet from the basement a while back due to a water leak in the foundation. The water leak is now worse and each time it rains there is a little bit more water in the finished part of the basement. No...not in the unfinished part - the finished part!!! So that means I get to rip out all the wood work I installed a few years back in order to find the leak and fix it.

I guess it's like they say in the Army...."if it ain't raining we ain't training".

But I digress... Let's get back on track - the basement will have to wait till the next big project is done. With this in mind lets talk about this next project.

If you remember I said the next big project would be the dining room - not now.

Now we have an even bigger fish to fry. We'll get into it later, let's just say I'm NOT a happy camper - at all - no way no how!!!

For the time being though let me throw out a couple of 'teaser' pictures and see if any of you can figure out what the next big project is.

Clue number 1.

This is my big-score ladder (have I told you all just how much I hate ladders?). By big score I mean awesomely cheap find! This is a thirty foot ladder that I found for $125 at a pawn shop. Now that's a good buy!!

Clue number 2.

Good luck figuring out what it is. snicker

Let's just say it's extremely essential for this project. Without this puppy, and a few more like it, there ain't now way in HELL I'm going to... Oops...just about spilt the beans! You'll have to wait a couple more days to find out, but if you have a guess as to what the project is, and what this item is, let me know!!

Well, I guess that's enough for now, it's getting late and I'm getting tired.

Till next time...

Larry ~

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