Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Up-Date

Well, it's been a while so I thought I would throw out another group of pictures showing some progress.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a whirlwind of things having nothing to do with the house but requiring all my time nonetheless.

In fact, the past two weeks have been as though I was tied up and thrown in either the trunk or rumble seat of Mr. Toad's car while on his wild ride!

The next two pictures are of a project that was not planned, but needed to be.

With a little thinking you should be able to figure out what it is.

1st coat.

The cowl, or Elizabethan Collar is there to protect the surrounding area and to work as a way to keep the spray paint within this area. I needed to do this to try out an idea I had.

2nd coat.

The idea was to have the shop vac going while spray painting.

With the paper cowl forcing the paint mist to stay in this area the hose sucked it up while I sprayed.

The idea seemed to work; I found no paint residue on any of the surrounding area.

3rd coating.

The color alone should indicate what this thing is!

The woodwork is coming along rather well. There are several little spots that need to be touched up and the top coats applied. There 'should' be some dramatic changes in the kitchen by this time next week - keep your fingers crossed.

Here are the doors leading to the powder room and the basement.

Doorway to the foyer.

And the doors to the utility porch and the dinning room.

Note - the plumbing chase column is not stained. There are plans afoot for this!

Main bay of windows.

Do you see it(?!) - no junk on the tavern table!!!


I spent two days sorting the various aspects of restoration clutter and putting it all away.

It enabled me to put a few things back where they belong.

And the prep area corner window grouping.

Now, if you can't figure out where the first three pictures are from something might be wrong with you.

Also note - like the plumbing chase column the little side wall to the left as not been stained either. Again, there are plans afoot!

Tomorrow I go get paint.

We do have paint left over from when we did some work in the main bathroom - when we were just trying to make it livable. However, the paint is old and I don't really trust it. So I'm going to look at getting more. Problem is, it's a three part paint system and I don't remember which paint was used in what part of the process. It ought to be fun figuring it out!

Till next time...

Larry ~

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you painted hte cabinets. Alright!

Wow, what a change. Looking good!

Neighbor M