Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plumbing chase is done...well...almost...

Okay, like the title says - the plumbing chase is done...well...almost...

Let me explain.

The chase IS done, but the final molding trim has not been installed. I am going to wait until the cabinet is done and install the molding trim for both at the same time. I'm not having any luck finding a molding trim that looks like the original, but something similar has got to be out there.

Anyway, as I said, it is done. It took a lot of 'thinking' to come up with a design that would work with the circumstances and complement the house interior. I was about to get really frustrated when it downs on me - THE FOYER COLUMN BASES!!!!

Here's the one closes to the kitchen.

My design is slightly different but not that much. It's hard to see in the picture, but there are two types of trim molding - the one around the base column and top and the one on the inside part of the coffer on the base.

So far both of those are eluding me. I might just find out how much it would cost to replicate them. I thought about scavenging some from the closest but wouldn't you know those two types of molding trim are not in the closets!

Okay, before we get to the chase pictures let's have a look at the 'before' shots.

Plumbing chase circa ???.

We can only speculate that this chase was installed sometime in the 50s or 60s.

It was basically plywood nailed together.

The chase gone!!

Nasty bit of business.

Here is the new chase - well, the beginning of it anyway.

I used Oak for the body and Yellow Heart Pine for the main trim.

Believe it or not - the Pine was more expensive per lineal foot than the Oak!! The good news about the Pine though is that it's a very close match to the original.

The base installed.

Here's the base again.

I forgot to get pictures of the frame work so this is a small attempt. You can, just barely, see the 2x4s attached to the walls.

This is the same method I used to hold the column part with as well.

Base top-cap installed.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an accurate 45 degree angle on something like this when the whole house is out of plumb?!! It about drove me crazy!!!

It isn't perfect, but it ain't bad!

And...drum roll please...VOILA!!!

Here it is.

As said early...ain't too bad.

I can't wait to see how it turns out with the trim molding.

Just a close up.

One of the things I did was 'soften' the corner on the base top-cap. I am thinking about doing the same with the rest. I'm thinking that by doing this it might help give the illusion that it is old. There are not too many sharp corners in an old house, especially in high traffic areas.

Well, that's enough on the plumbing chase for now.

So, let me leave you with a 'during' picture of the upstairs landing ceiling.

Hopefully I will be able to finish this tomorrow.

I can't believe how uneven the plaster in such a small place as this could be!! The light box had to be lowered by almost 1/4"!!!

Since the plaster is slightly (by a hair) thicker than the 1/4" drywall it just stymied me that the box had to be lowered!!

Oh well...till next time.

Larry ~


mike & rachel said...

That turned out really nice!

Jennifer said...

Very nice! That dressed a utilitarian house thing up quite nicely!

Larry said...


Larry said...

Thanks - I was sweat'n it that it wouldn't.

Kristy said...

The plumbing chase looks fantastic. I have an ugly one of those along the wall of my staircase that will eventually need to be updated, I'll have to remember your post when it's time to remodel.

Larry said...

Thanks for the complement Kristy and good luck with yours in the future!

Sandy said...

Good job! Looks great!

Larry said...