Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today's Progress

Today was a good day - kind of.

I have the second coat of the joint compound finished and it should be dried by tomorrow morning.

Also, my new toy arrived today!! Can't wait to try out the new Multimaster!!

If you remember from my previous post, I had forgotten to add the metal corner bead to the chimney chase.

As you can see, it made a big difference. See how sharp those edges are?!

All I need to do is fill in some low spots to the under side.

For you sick puppies out there, you will notice that the 'Boo Boo' Meter has gone up. First thing this morning I sliced open my pinky of the left hand while cutting the corner bead. I should have gotten a pic of the blood smear dang it!

About an hour after that I whacked my index finger on the same hand with the hammer while installing the corner bead. It was bad enough I thought I broke it. My mother, a nurse, took a look and said it wasn't broken but very bruised. All I know is it feels like a hot needle being shoved in it each time something touches it.


Here’s where the hole was. Doesn't that look a lot better?! I know you can't tell from the pic, but it is very smooth.

This last pic is for Jennifer over at the Tiny Old House.

She had asked me about the “Dustdog” vacuum sander from HYDE Tools. She is getting ready to do a big drywall project at her house and I promised to post info about the joint compound I use. Here ya go Jennifer!

Here is handy little Family Handyman article you might want to read through also. Good luck with your project and I'll drop by for a visit.

Well, till next time....

Larry ~


Ethan said...

I also use Sheetrock joint compound but usually pick up the bags and mix myself.

Larry said...

Thats the plan (I have some bags of mud in storage), but I had this bucket of mud before I learned about mixing your own.

As they say, 'waste not want not'.

I have not mixed any of it up yet. Do you get good results?

Sandy said...

Way cool!!! You added music! LOVE that "sticker"!!!

Larry said...

Sticker? What sticker?

Ethan said...


I do get good results. It's nice to have a mug tray. Easy to clean. Keeps mud on the edge of your knife.

Larry said...

Do you mean 'mud' tray as in a hawk? I have a hawk and it does make it easier.

Ethan said...

I've never used a hawk but it does look handy. I was thinking something like this...

sorry for the long link.

Larry said...

Hey - don't appologize for giving great info!!

I do have one of those but haven't been able to find it. That's when someone suggested the hawk.

I am almost done with the pre-mixed stuff and am looking forward to tryting the hot mud.