Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Pictures of the Yard

Here is the rock pile that I like to call "the quarry". As you can see, we have removed most of the overgrowth and I have been digging around in it.

BTW - this is of about a third of the pile.

The next few pictures will show you some of what we have done with the rocks.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I used my cell phone to take these.

Here is a raised flower bed we made last year. The tree it circles is a 100+ year old Oak.

If you look real close at the upper center of the picture you will see two posts with an Evergreen behind them. This marks the other end of "the quarry".

Here is a terraced flower bed we started a couple years ago. It has been built to stop the erosion at this spot by the front gate. You can see where the dirt ends and the grass begins towards the left of the wall. The wall will eventually extend to this point.

Also, we will be making a matching wall on the other side of the walk way.

We had to build the steps ourselves. No one seems to know why there were no steps ther to begin with.

Here is a patio we put in last year. The floor is made up of the rocks, pieces of cement, and washed pea-gravel. You can also, just barely, see another flower bed that is in the shape of an "L" that is a buffer between the house and patio.

Before we put this in, this space was nothing more than a mud hole.

On the far end of the patio is a small fountain surrounded by washed pea-gravel, rocks, and a small deck I built.

Here is a close up of the fountain. The water bubbles up from the rock between the two crane statues.

Here is our herb garden. We are in the middle of re-doing the plants. The circle pattern traces the spot where a HUGE evergreen once stood (it was dead so we took it down). The base of the bird bath sits on top of the old stump. As you can tell, the tree was enormous!

BTW - that is one of the bird baths we found on the property.

A close-up of the bird bath.

Here is the other bird bath we found. This one is the one that is a fountain. It stands a little over 3.5' tall.

This picture I tossed in for the fun of it. It is of the little red barn that sits at the back of the property. The black spot in the center is our burn pit. Next to it you can see a pile of wood. This year marks the first time the pile has been small enough you could see the pit and all the building!

From our first full Summer here (2000) this spot has been covered by a pile of branches that rivaled the rock pile in base size. It was usually 4+ feet in height.

Also, remember the nasty building we had to demolish? The small, grey wall next to the limb pile is all that remains of it. It is part of the foundation we have as yet to get rid of. So, we just started dumbing the limbs to burn where it stood.

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